Thailand: Nakhon Ratchasima warns farmers of Leptospirosis infection from flooded fields

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The Public Health Authority of Nakhon Ratchasima has warned farmers harvesting rice in current flood conditions to beware of Leptospirosis, revealing that the disease has claimed one life already.

Nakorn Ratchasima Provincial Public Health Authority Md.Wichai Katiyawittayakul revealed that despite it now being the cold season, flooding conditions still remain in many agricultural areas with farmers having to harvest rice in the inundated fields. He said that the situation has caused many citizens to be infected by Leptospirosis. Latest figures show 56 reported cases of infection with one death in Huai Thalaeng district.

The authority stated that the most commonly affected are farmers who search for fish in flooded fields and others who spend extended amounts of time in the water. The provincial public health office thus warns all citizens of the potential dangers of the disease stating that if 5-10 days after spending time in the water individuals experience symptoms of sudden high fever, head aches and muscle cramps, they must immediately seek medical attention.