Thailand, Flooding in Prachantakham (Prachinburi) and Nakhon Thai (Phitsanulok) (3 Sep 2021)


Nakhon Thai, Prachantakham


Prachinburi Province, on September 3 at 6:00 a.m., caused by opening the Takrud drainage door in order to The depletion of water in Thung Tha Hae caused flooding in the area of Prachantakham District, Prachantakham Sub-district Impact: 15 households, no injuries and deaths Currently, the water level has dropped.

Phitsanulok Province, on September 3 at 06.15 a.m., heavy rainfall occurred in the area of Nakhon Thai District, Bo Pho Subdistrict, T.Nern Perm, T.Yangkonon, T.Nakhon Thai, T.Nabua, Nakhon Chum Subdistrict, Ban Prao Subdistrict. 812 households affected. There were no injuries or deaths. Currently, the water level has dropped