Thailand: Flood-stricken people in Bangkok receives compensation

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Bangkok Deputy Governor has provided financial compensation to 398 flood-stricken people in Dusit District where the Bangkok Administration Area (BMA) had declared as a disaster area.

Each of the victims has received a cashier cheque of 2,000 baht. The compensation is provided by the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation under the Ministry of Interior.

Dusit District had been heavily hit by flooding during October to November this year. Five communities which had been affected most include the Thewarat Kunchorn (??), Ratchaphathapthim Ruamjai (???), Kiew Kaika (), Soi Sikam (?), and Mittakam (?). Although the flood situation in Dusit has returned to normal, the district has continued carrying out its rehabilitation projects for the people.