Thailand Flood Crisis and Disease Control Situation Report: Updated 9 December 2011

Situation Report
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  • In the central part of Thailand, there are 15 provinces affected by flood, all are in the receding /post flooding phase. The water levels in the Bangkok Metropolitan areas have been receded and is expected to get dry before New Year. Most of affected public and private services are taking up to normal function.

  • From the recent report of the surveillance system, all incident outbreaks have been investigated and are under control. So far there is no report of the serious outbreak related to flood (e.g. leptospirosis).

  • The JTAG, the joint collaboration mechanism between MOPH/WHO/CDC is planning to organize a package of system study/research related to flooding response to serve as a platform for disaster preparedness, and for further development of the better response and recovery programmes in future events.