Thailand: Disaster Prevention and Mitigation warn 6 districts of flood in Songkhla

The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department of Songkhla has issued a warning for six districts in the province to prepare for and monitor flash flood that may occur during this period.

Chief of the Songkhla Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department Wichit Chantharapan (?? ?û?) stated that the province has been consistently experiencing rain throughout the period with heavy rains in many areas. The department warns citizens living at the base of mountains as well as plateaus in six districts to be cautious of flooding as well as landslides. The districts at risk include Chana (?), Thepha (?), Na Thawi (?), Saba Yoi (?), Sadao () and Rattaphum (?). The warning extends to travelers who may be visiting the area's waterfalls. They are asked to closely heed the instructions of authorities.

No natural disaster has been reported in the province so far.