Thailand: Compensation process for flood-affected farmers to be completed in time

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Director-General of the Department of Agricultural Extension affirms that the compensation process for flood-affected farmers will be completed by February 15 as scheduled by the government.

Director-General of the Department of Agricultural Extension, Songsak Wongphumwat said during his interview on a TV program on Channel 11 that more than 95 percent of all flood-affected farmers has already received compensation and restoration aid.

However, the director-general admitted that there might be some flood-affected farmers left who have not registered with the authority to receive aid. Officials will be dispatch to survey their needs. Mr Songsak expected that this group of farmers will be assisted by the end of this month.

Regarding restoration of long-time submerged agricultural areas, Mr Songsak said the department had given out short-life plants and fish for the farmers' household consumption and sale.