Thailand: Chaiyaphum hit by flood third time this week

The water in the Chi River has sustained at a high level and overflowed into surrounding residential areas and farms with no signs of reducing. The flood waters have hit Ban Khwao district for the third time in a week.

Several Tambon in Ban Khwao district of Chaiyaphum province have been inundated by the Chi River which has overflown for the third time in a week. Schools in the district have temporarily closed and residents have evacuated livestock and pets. Several major roads have been cut off. This third flood is the most major in the province this year and has caused damage to 30,000 rai of rice fields which are about to be harvested.

Flood waters are expected to remain in the district for at least one more week and will flow into Khon Sawan  district before making way to Khon Kaen province.