Thailand: 6 districts in Chumporn declared as disaster zone

Six districts in Chumphon province have been declared as disaster zone. Assistance from provincial officials is underway.

Chumphon Deputy Governor Phibun Phancha has inspected flood-affected areas and ordered evacuation following consecutive heavy rainfall in six districts including Lamae, Phato, Lang Suan, Thung Tako, Sawi, and Pathio. 269 villages and more than 10,200 households have been affected by inundation, the provincial disaster prevention and mitigation office reports.

Meanwhile, Chumphon Governor Karan Suphakitwilekhakan is seeking cooperation from army units in the province to aid people in flood-ravaged areas and distribute supplies and relief bags to troubled residents. The governor also injected another 500,000 baht into each district affected by inundation and urged all concerned agencies to keep a close watch around the clock and be ready for evacuation in landside and inundation prone areas.