Thailand: 50 households affected by heavy rains in Narathiwat

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NARATHIWAT, 19 December 2009 (NNT) - More than 50 households in Waeng district, Narathiwat province are affected by flood, after three days of continuous heavy downpour.

The heavy rains cause rapid increase of water level in Sungai Kolok river, and overflow the households in Waeng district, Narathiwat province. 250 residents had to be evacuated to higher grounds.

According to Mr Manee Uttarak, the Director of the Narathiwat Meteorological Station, the high pressure along with the Northeastern monsoon over the Andaman and South areas, caused downpour around mentioned sites, particularly at the foothills in Sukhirin, Si Sakhon, Waeng, and Cha Nae districts. However, from today onward the rains would fade away. He believed there would be no severe floods. Fishermen, however, had been warned not to venture into the sea because of gusty wave and wind until 22 December.

Recently in November, Southern provinces had just affected from inundation, which caused a lot of sufferings for the people and many schools around the areas had to be closed. Also businesses in certain areas were disrupted, causing a lot of damages to the areas' economy.

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Reporter : Panita Norasing