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Thai-Myanmar Border Protection Analysis (January-June 2021) - Updated September 2021 (COVID19 Review)

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About Protection Working Groups

The Protection Working Groups (PWGs) are multisectoral coordination groups comprised of representatives from humanitarian organizations and CBOs who are providing assistance, protection and solutions for refugees residing in the nine temporary shelters in Thailand.

Context and Objectives

In July 2021, the PWGs reviewed the changes in the protection environment during the first semester of 2021, building on earlier analysis done in the second semester of 2019 and the first semester of 2020, when restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19 were first introduced. The protection analysis is a collaborative process to give an overall picture of the protection environment affecting the lives of refugees. The four provincial-level PWGs collaborated separately to produce a joint analysis of the protection situation in the nine temporary shelters (camps) on the Thai-Myanmar border.
The overall objectives of the protection analysis exercise are: 1) To identify and analyze protection risks amongst stakeholders; 2) To produce a common analysis which can be used as a baseline for monitoring trends; and 3) To prioritize responses, identify gaps and inform advocacy.

The COVID-19 assessment focuses on how the pandemic has impacted the protection environment in the camps.