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TBC Emergency Funding Appeal: Fire in Ban Mai Nai Soi refugee camp, Mae Hong Son Province

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A fire broke out in the refugee camp Ban Mai Nai Soi in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand, on Tuesday the 7th of April 2015. Fortunately there were no casualties, but significant damage was done and 148 houses were totally destroyed by the flames. Moreover two community buildings (one school and one psycho-social clinic) were burnt to the ground. 185 families – or 1,065 persons – have been directly affected by the fire, and they are now being cared for by the Ban Mai Nai Soi community of more than 11,000 people. TBC is operating in the camp together with the Royal Thai Government, UNHCR and a number of international NGO’s as well as Karenni Refugee Committee, camp committee and civil society organisations to address the immediate needs of the people. TBC assistance aims to ensure that the affected families’ access to basic food, shelter, basic services, and livelihoods recovery and that shelter needs are met.

Emergency Appeal: Total 5,074,500 TBH (156,000 USD)

The Border Consortium (TBC) is launching an Emergency Appeal to raise the funds needed to provide essential food, reconstruct homes and community buildings destroyed by the fire, and support families in livelihoods recovery.

Detail of TBC’s Response

  • FOOD: TBC is working closely with the camp committee to prepare emergency food for affected families staying in temporary sites or with relatives. Together, they have established community kitchens. TBC will distribute food baskets to replenish their rations that were destroyed by the fire.

  • SHELTER: TBC will work with the RTG civil engineers and the community in rezoning the area to ensure fire brakes are built s and in rebuilding houses. Meanwhile, staff have been working with the Camp Committee, NGOs, and CBOs in allocating suitable temporary shelters for the affected families until their houses can be reconstructed.

  • LIVELIHOOD RECOVERY: Most of the affected families were not able to salvage any of their livelihoods assets. TBC will work with the refugee livelihoods committees and CBOs to help families recover their small businesses, kitchen gardens, livestock raising projects or open new livelihoods opportunities for self-help.

  • FIELD COORDINATION: A coordination meeting was called by the Mae Hong Son Governor immediately following the fire, with participation from UNHCR, TBC and other CCSDPT agencies, IOM, Camp Commander, Camp Leaders and the Karenni Refugee Committee. TBC has been assigned as a focal point for the Shelter and Food sectors.

Anticipated Costs

  • Food and Charcoal: 426,000 TBH Thirty days of emergency rations will be distributed to all affected households. Communal cooking facilities will be run by the camp committee.

  • Construction materials: 4,330,000 TBH 185 houses, 1 school and 1 psycho-social clinic need to be completely rebuilt.

  • Emergency items: 18,500 TBH 185 stoves will be provided to the families affected.

  • Livelihoods recovery: 300,000 TBH. Support to recovery of small businesses, gardens and livestock.
    Expected Outcomes from TBC Response

  • Shelter Construction: 185 new houses built for an estimated 1,065 refugees.

  • Community buildings: 2 community building (one school and one clinic) are rebuilt.

  • Food Rations: Community kitchens are established and cooked food is prepared by the community for 1,065 refugees living in temporary shelters. The TBC ration includes rice, yellow split peas, cooking oil, AsiaREMix, salt, fish paste and charcoal.

  • Emergency items: 185 stoves are provided

  • Livelihoods recovery: The families previously involved in livelihood activities will regain their possibilities of enhancing livelihoods.


Please make a donation today by visiting the TBC website and follow the link to DONATE Thank you for your generosity and commitment to refugees and displaced people from Myanmar in this emergency.

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