Southern provinces still submerged by floods

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PATTANI (NNT) - The monsoon in the southern region has now started to ease, but many areas especially those near the Pattani river remain submerged by flood waters. The water level in the Pattani river has been rising since a reservoir upstream had to start discharging water.

The water level in the Pattani river this morning was close to overflowing into areas beside it, much of it water discharged from the reservoir at Bang Lang Dam upstream. It is likely that water will flood business areas in Pattani’s city center, if water from Yala flows in this direction over the next couple of days.

The main road accessing villages in Paka Harang subdistrict has been cut by the flood, forcing villagers to use boats as their prime mode of transport. Villagers have already stocked up on food as they expect this year’s flooding season to last longer than usual. Already in this area, many villages are now submerged by flood water, with about 280 households now affected.

In Yarang district at Yala-Pattani provincial border, 14 villages have been flood, with the water level continuing to rise rapidly. Local authorities have assisted in the evacuation of villagers and the relocation of their belongings to safer areas. They are now monitoring the situation round the clock to assist villagers.

In Yala province, torrential rains that had previously hit the province stopped yesterday. The situation has improved to the point that some flooded roads can now open for traffic, with only some areas by canals and rivers still submerged.

Meanwhile, villagers in areas along the Pattani river have continued to be affected by the overflowing river, as the river is now receiving water discharged by Bang Lang Dam upstream. Some roads including access roads to the city center are still flooded in 1-meter deep water.

Raman district in Yala is one of the water receiving areas now submerged by floodwater. A local ranger unit has coordinated with related government agencies to deliver essential items to villagers, as well as transferring bedridden patients at home to hospitals. They have also launched a campaign to deliver gifts to local children to celebrate this year’s Children’s Day.

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