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PATTANI, 5 January 2012 (NNT) – Even though the flood situation in the lower South of Thailand has eased up, it is still worrisome in other parts of the region, particularly in Pattani province where schools are forced to close once again in the wake of severe flooding.

Inundated under more than 1 metre of water, many schools in Pattani province have been forced to cancel classes for the fourth time since the crisis began. Meanwhile, other schools not yet affected by the flood remain closed as well since students are unable to leave their homes which are now flooded with 1-2 metre-deep water. Consequently, all classes in the area have been postponed indefinitely until the situation returns to normal.

At the same, in Narathiwat province, the Border Patrol Police handed out flood relief supplies to residents suffering from flash flood running down the mountains. The flood water gushed into agricultural land and households causing severe damage. Many roads were also destroyed by the flood, and residents urged government agencies to immediately repair them in order to recover full usage of the roads.

Residents in southern Thailand consider the current flood crisis as the worst they have seen in 10 years.

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Reporter : Narumon Ngamsaithong
News Date : 05 January 2012