Satun Province steps up its anti dengue fever campaign.

SATUN, 1 April 2013 (NBT) - The southern province of Satun has stepped up its anti dengue fever campaign to cut a chance for the spread of the mosquito-borne viral infections this summer.

Deputy Permanent Secretary for Public Health, Dr. Nitat Raiyawa, has recently presided over the launching of the Anti Dengue Fever Public Relations Campaign in Satun Province.

Deputy Satun Governor Prayun Rattanasenee revealed that since the beginning of this year the province already has 42 residents infected with the disease, most of them are in the district district of La-ngu.

Dr. Nitat stated the key to an effective anti dengue fever campaign is the cooperation among locals, civil servants, and community leaders in raising the awareness in the community and destroying mosquito breeding grounds.