Royal rainmaking plans set to increase water levels in Lampang

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LAMPANG, 28 April 2014 (NNT) – The Bureau of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation (BRAA) has conducted an aerial survey to find water resource locations in Lampang Province for the purpose of royal rainmaking. The move aims to add more water supply in the dams to assist drought victims.

Director to the Agriculture and Cooperatives office in Lampang province Chainarong Karnmanee along with officials from the BRAA boarded a helicopter to survey several districts in the province to search for water locations. The staff would also check the remaining water levels in two main water reservoirs, namely the Kiu Kor Mah and Kiu Lom dams.

People living above the location of the water reservoirs and dams in northern Lampang have been reported to be facing drought-related problems.

The aerial survey found that water levels in the Wang River are low, while the farming of drought- resistant plants could be seen along both sides of the river. Therefore, officials have decided to initiate the royal rainmaking process to increase the amount of water and help alleviate the burden people are facing.