Process of Facilitated Voluntary Repatriation

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 01 May 2017 View Original

1. Protection Counseling

Please make sure that all family members are present and please show your VE card and Household Registration Document (HHRD) to UNHCR. UNHCR protection staff will ask questions about your family and information on the place of return. If any member of your family has specific needs, e.g. disability, serious illnesses, or other conditions that would cause difficulties in traveling back, please inform UNHCR. Those with chronic medical conditions will be asked to consult the relevant health agency in the camp. Each returning household will sign a Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF) to confirm their voluntariness to return.

2. Myanmar “Green Light”

Your information will be shared with the Royal Thai Government, UNHCR Myanmar and the Government of Myanmar to check local conditions. UNHCR will be informed when the “green light” (clearance) is received. The Government of Myanmar may issue a travel document to help facilitate the return process.

3. Reconfirm Your Decision

You will be contacted by UNHCR to inform you of the clearance from the Government of Myanmar and to reconfirm your voluntary decision to return. Your departure date will be agreed upon together with RTG (Palad), IOM and UNHCR. UNHCR will share any further details available regarding conditions in your area of return. You will be encouraged to collect any education/training certificates and health records that you might need before returning.