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BANGKOK (NNT) - The Prime Minister and Minister of Defence has ordered the armed forces to deploy personnel to support drought disaster mitigation operations in all affected areas until the situation is resolved.

The Ministry of Defence Spokesman Lt Gen Kongcheep Tantravanich, announced today that Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha had ordered all armed forces to prepare their troops and equipment to support drought mitigation operations and assist rural persons in areas severely affected or expected to be affected by drought until the situation is under control. The Ministry of Defence’s disaster mitigation center will be working closely with the government’s special command center on water crisis prevention and mitigation operations.

The military’s disaster units will be providing support, and will engage in disaster response operations, including the distribution of water to affected villagers, along with the drilling and development of groundwater wells, tap water system repairs, and supplying water to affected hospitals and schools.

The Royal Thai Armed Force will be conducting aerial surveys and supporting rainmaking operations, while the Royal Thai Army will be setting up provincial drought disaster mitigation and victims assistance centers, which will work closely with provincial administrative organizations to survey affected areas and provide assistance.

The Ministry of Defence spokesman, added that engineer units and development military units are now constructing 399 groundwater wells in 11 provinces severely affected by the drought. The units have deployed water pumps and 530 water tankers to deliver water to affected villagers in 43 provinces facing water shortages, and have prepared nine aircraft to support rainmaking operations to cover all affected areas.

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