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Myanmar Situation - Inter-Agency Operational Update - October 2021

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The volatile situation in Myanmar following the 01 February 2021 coup has resulted in increased displacement both within the country and across borders, including into Thailand

Humanitarian actors stand ready to support the Royal Thai Government (RTG) 's efforts to receive Myanmar refugees fleeing at this time to ensure that they receive the protection they need

Agencies continue to take several key preparedness actions to ensure that complementary activities are delivered in a timely and coordinated manner


Displaced people in South-East Myanmar as of 11 October (Tanintharyi Region, Kayah, Shan, Kayin and Mon States)


According to reports, tensions have increased significantly over the past weeks, with higher numbers of clashes reported. The situation continues to be volatile, and it is anticipated that fighting may intensify at the end of the rainy season. In Kayah State, there are more arrivals in IDP camps. The new arrivals are from various places, including Loikaw, Demoso, Hpruso and Shadaw. The 1,590 civilians residing in Daw No Khu receive assistance from NGOs/CSOs, but provision of assistance is complicated by access issues. There are shortages of food as well as healthcare, medical staff and medicines. Through September, 267 clashes occurred between KNLA and the Tatmadaw in six KNU brigade areas. Indeed since June, there has been shelling of artilleries and gunfire by Myanmar military and BGF across Brigades 1-7 on a daily basis. Myanmar military and BGF have also used villagers as human shields to protect them during their military operation, including planting landmines in the areas nearby the villages. In Brigade 5, the military has established a base in Loikaw where the KNLA attacked a convoy meant to deliver to a Tatmadaw base. In Brigade 6 area, clashes were reported between KNLA and Tatmadaw. The latter is trying to set up a camp near Brigade 6, which KNU currently controls. In Tanintharyi Region, fighting between Tatmadaw and local defence forces broke out in Taungpyauk Village, Thayet Chaung Township, resulting in forced evacuation from four villages in early October.

As of 11 October, the military council troops are stationed in Taungpyaw Village, with some shelling reportedly taking place. As a result, nearby villages have also been evacuated. As of 11 October 2021, 218,900 persons remained internally displaced in Myanmar. Small scale returns were recorded in Yebyu Township, Tanintharyi Region, following stabilisation of the area. Increased displacement was observed in Shan State (South) due to arm clashes between the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) and Shan State Progress Party (SSPP) in Mongkaing Township. Restrictions around the borders have been reduced and are expected to be reduced further, possibly leading to an increase in numbers trying to get into Thailand.