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Myanmar Situation - Inter-Agency Operational Update - 27 July 2021

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The volatile situation in Myanmar following the 01 February 2021 coup has resulted in increased displacement both within the country and across borders, including into Thailand

Humanitarian actors stand ready to support the Royal Thai Government (RTG)’s efforts to receive Myanmar refugees fleeing at this time to ensure that they receive the protection they need

Agencies have taken a number of key preparedness actions to ensure that complementary activities are delivered in a timely and coordinated manner

Latest Situation Overview

The security situation continues to deteriorate in Southeast Myanmar with intensification of armed clashes reported between the Tatmadaw and ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) or People's Defence Force (PDF) in several areas, as well as continued deployment of security forces and increase in tensions. In Kayah State, fighting between the combined forces of the Karenni Army and Tatmadaw during 19-20 July in Bawlakhe and Hpruso townships resulted in some 4,000 persons fleeing their homes and seeking shelter in the jungle. Meanwhile, the conflict between EAOs in southern Shan State recently displaced almost 1,000 civilians in Mong Kung Township. Overall, as of 19 July, an estimated 101,100 persons are internally displaced within Kayah State, together with 47,700 in Karen State, while 21,700 are estimated to be displaced within southern Shan State.

Displaced populations in some areas reportedly continue to experience significant challenges in accessing basic needs, services, and shelter materials due to road blockages and other constraints, as well as suspension of services due to COVID-19 prevention measures. On the Thai side, as per the latest official figure reported by the Thai-Myanmar Border Command Center (Mae Hong Son Province) on 12 June there continues to be 0 individuals remaining in temporary safety areas in MHS Province. While there have been reports of groups continuing to gather in border areas on the Myanmar side, including opposite Thailand’s Mae Sariang, Khun Yuam and Mueng districts, such groups have not yet demonstrated any intention to cross over onto the Thai side. However, the ongoing situation of internal displacement in Myanmar continues to highlight the need for preparedness measures on the Thai side by humanitarian actors in coordination with the RTG in Bangkok and in the border provinces. As part of ongoing activities, humanitarian actors continue advocacy efforts to ensure that any displaced persons entering Thailand are able to access protection. This is in the context of growing numbers of reported arrests of Myanmar nationals considered as “illegal migrant workers” attempting to enter Thailand irregularly in the Kanchanaburi/Ratchaburi area, for which there continues to be no systematic identification of people in need of international protection in place.