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Myanmar Situation - Inter-Agency Operational Update - 15 June 2021

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The volatile situation in Myanmar following the 01 February 2021 coup has resulted in increased displacement both within the country and across borders, including into Thailand

Humanitarian actors stand ready to support the Royal Thai Government (RTG)’s efforts to receive Myanmar refugees fleeing at this time to ensure that they receive the protection they need

Agencies have taken a number of key preparedness actions to ensure that complementary activities are delivered in a timely and coordinated manner

Latest Situation Overview

Ongoing civil unrest and conflict, including intensification of clashes resulting in an estimated 13,400 people displaced in Myanmar’s southern Shan State, in addition to some 97,100 displaced in Kayah State who are facing challenges with accessing humanitarian assistance, continue to highlight the need for preparedness measures by humanitarian actors in coordination with the RTG in Bangkok and in the border provinces.

The most affected area in Thailand in recent days has been Tak Province, where during 01-02 June some 400 individuals crossed into Mae Sot, the majority of whom had fled from Pa Lu and surrounding villages after conflict broke out between the Tatmadaw, Border Guard Forces (BGF) and Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA). This group was hosted in a temporary safety area in Mae Kone Kane village, located on the Moei River on the Thai border and a short distance from Pa Lu on the Myanmar side, where they were provided with assistance by humanitarian agencies, CSOs and the local community before returning to Myanmar during 03-06 June, reportedly on a voluntary basis. On 08 June it was reported by local media that a group of some 100 individuals were experiencing challenges in returning to their homes due to Tatmadaw presence.

Meanwhile in Mae Hong Son (MHS) Province, all individuals from the group of 1,700+ who crossed into Thailand on 13 May have since returned to Myanmar, while the latest arrivals comprising a group of 58 individuals from areas bordering Sob Moei District and Sao Hin Sub-District who arrived in Thailand during 02-06 June and were hosted in 3 temporary safety areas returned to Myanmar during 11-12 June, representing a lengthier stay compared to previous groups. As per the latest official figure reported by the Thai-Myanmar Border Command Center (MHS Province) there are currently 0 individuals remaining in temporary safety areas in MHS Province.

A request submitted by several CSOs to the Thai authorities to provide material support in the temporary safety areas via the Royal Thai Army (RTA) remains pending. As of 15 June, humanitarian actors have not yet formally been granted access to the temporary safety areas. In Tak, humanitarian actors are planning to conduct several site assessments together with the local authorities in the coming weeks, while in Kanchanaburi/Ratchaburi provinces, humanitarian actors continue to follow up with local authorities on potential site assessments.

Meanwhile, according to various media reports, the arrest by Thai authorities of Myanmar nationals reportedly attempting to enter Thailand through Kanchanaburi Province for the purpose of fleeing unrest in Myanmar and seeking employment opportunities continue to take place on a regular basis.