More shelters open to accommodate villagers fleeing border fights

BANGKOK, 27 April 2011 (NNT)-Minister to the Prime Minister Office Mr. Ongart Klampaiboon has ordered another 27 new shelters opened to accommodate over 37,000 residents fleeing the border clashes. He also expressed his demand to have the injured be treated quickly.

Some of the shelters have been closed due to its proximity to the Thai-Cambodian border while more are due to open since people living near the frontier could be at risks. The number of shelters will be increased from currently 22 places to 27.

Children and the elders are the first two groups of people to be evacuated while those who wish to remain in their home needed to indentify themselves to the authority. A special unit consisting of a number of officials will be visiting soldiers patrolling in the communities near the Thai-Cambodian frontier to boost their spirits.

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