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BANGKOK(NNT) - Many provinces of Thailand are now facing a drought disaster, which is expected to be more severe than last year.

In response, the government has set up a special command center chaired by the Prime Minister, to handle the crisis and assist affected village.

The center will serve as a temporary cooperative center according to the Water Resources Act BE 2561 until the situation improves. The center will oversee operations, situational forecasts, management, crisis warnings, and public relations.

The government now expects the drought disaster this year to be very severe, and has ordered related agencies to prepare accordingly. The Office of National Water Resources (ONWR) has been ordered to address the issue in the most efficient and timely manner, requiring cooperation from related agencies to address pressing issues and make long-term water management plans.

The ONWR is working in compliance with a 20-year national strategy with the aim of ensuring clean water for consumption in all villages and for the manufacturing sector, mitigating damage from flooding, maintaining water quality, and sustainably managing water resources while ensuring balance and public participation.

In tomorrow’s meeting, the Cabinet will be considering the structure of the special water crisis center, and operational plans to address water crises, as well as the budget allocation for related operations.

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