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Floods and landslides hit refugee camps

Mae Ra Ma Luang and Mae La Oon camps were badly affected by flooding and landslides, forcing more than 2,000 people to flee their homes.

Over 450 houses were destroyed, as rivers swelled Wednesday night with Mae Ra Ma Luang suffering the most damage. Aside from houses and personal belongings, three warehouses with over 200 MT of food stockpiled for the raining season were in ruins. Many bridges were washed away and people are now spread out staying with other families until temporary shelter materials can be provided. Refugees worked hard to clear the access road affected by landslides and the Karen refugee committee were able to send in some supplies by Sunday afternoon. Fortunately no-one was injured, but there is still almost three months to go before the end of the rainy season . TBBC will be sending in food and shelter supplies, but there is also a need for clothing and essential household items. Estimated damage is at least ten million baht.