Flooding worsens in Khon Kaen

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KHON KAEN: Sandbag walls have failed to hold back the flood building up in two districts, and the overflow has poured into three more villages and across more farms, as water continues to be released from the dangerously brimming Ubonrat dam.

The latest inundation on Friday morning worsened the already critical situation in parts of Khon Kaen's Nam Phong and Muang districts, where preparations are being made for evacuation in a worst case scenario.

Ban Bueng Sawan, Ban Na Pho and Ban Pak Puea in Muang district are the latest victims of the flood. Parts of the sandbag walls holding back the flood collapsed overnight, unable to withstand the powerful current running into and through Nam Phong, where the water level keeps on increasing.

Many houses, temples, schools and 20,000 rai of farmland are reported to have been flooded. Roads connecting villages are impassable for small vehicles.

Despite the already grave situation, officials continue to release water from Ubonrat dam at a rate of 50 million cubic metres a day, as the reservoir is already full beyond its designed capacity and the flood surge keeps flowing into it from the North.

Tents have already been erected in Muang Sila Municipality in Muang district to serve as temporary shelters if villagers have to move out of their homes.

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