Flood situation in Thailand (as of 29 October 2006)

Flood situation in Thailand as of 29 October 2006
Country Response
Areas affected (number of districts / villages) 32 provinces (217 districts; 1,302 sub-districts; 7,372 villages)
Total population affected 2,212,413 persons of 605,401 households
No. of flood-related deaths 164 deaths (149 drowned; 10 electrocuted; 2 snake bite; 2 shock; 1 commited suicide)
No. of people suffering from flood-related diseases 591,968 persons (261,790 fungal infection to foot; 84,401 rash/itch; 65,562 cold; 38,463 stress; 12,225 poisonous animal bite; 10,597 diarrhea; 98,882 others.
Estimated number of houses and property damaged · 54 houses totally damaged
· 9,137 houses partially damaged
· 5,241 roads and 326 bridges destroyed
· 3,007,431 rai or 481,189 hectares of farmland destroyed (6.25 rai = 1 hectare)
· 35,152 fish ponds and 1,132 schools/temples destroyed

Cost of damages (government structures such as roads and bridges) from initial surveys is estimated at Bt377,675,751 (US$9.94 million).
This figure does not include damages to farmland, houses and personal belongings.
According to the Governor-Designate of the Bank of Thailand Ms. Tarisa Watanagase, ongoing floods in the central and northern regions could cost the country at least Bt17 billion (US$447.37 million) in damages. The figure was based on central bank data of 16 October for the Monetary Policy Committee meeting two days later. "The total damage will hinge on how long the floods last and how severe they are," said Dr. Tarisa on 24 October.
Availability of food and clean drinking water Enough.
Risk of outbreaks So far, there is no sign of any outbreak.
Medicines and essential supplies Enough.
Public health interventions (surveillance, immunization, sanitation, etc.) - Rapid Surveillance and Response Team at regional, provincial and district levels for communicable diseases.
- Public toilets both on land and floating provided to the victims.
Risk of fresh floods Yes, the up-coming typhoon "Cimaron" is moving from the Philippines to Vietnam with possibly coming to the southern provinces of the country.
Resources - immediate needs and gaps Funds are available at local authorities, provincial, and central government. The MoPH now got additional budget from the government.
Actions taken by Government All kinds of support: food, water, drugs, temporally shelters, etc.
Action taken by UN OCHA has called for meetings among UN
Agencies, excluding WHO agencies. UNDP got US $ 50,000 supported by its HQ and has invested on livelihood of communities affected by the flood. OCHA updated the situation on daily basis.
Action taken by WHO Offer technical support to the MoPH and attended the flood war room meetings occasionally - two or three times a week; coordinated with OCHA to update the situation.
Assistance required from SEARO Technical support on measurement of health-related impact , identification of gaps and facilitate strengthening of EHA work by MoPH.