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Flash Flood in Ban Mai Nai Soi Camp

Heavy rains followed by flash flooding in the early hours of Wednesday 27 August caused significant damage to many sections of Ban Mai Nai Soi camp in Mae Hong Son Province. Homes, NGO and CBO buildings, schools, TBC warehouses, roads and bridges were all affected by the flash flood.

TBC staff immediately visited the camp to support the community, as well as to participate in emergency coordination meetings with KnRC, Thai officials, and UNHCR.

Initial assessments indicate that 25 houses affecting 99 persons were completely destroyed and will need to be rebuilt. Landslides have also created unstable conditions for other houses within the camp which affects a further 44 people. Inhabitants of these unstable dwellings, as well as the aforementioned 25 families, are now staying with friends and relatives.

13 sacks of AsiaREmix and 864 sacks of charcoal in TBC warehouses were destroyed.

TBC will immediately supply five days of rice, oil and pulses for the 25 families who have lost everything, and then provide regular rations once numbers of those in need are clarified. An initial shelter assessment has been carried out, which will be further refined in the next day or two, so that replacement building materials can be quickly sourced and delivered to the camp.

A further emergency coordination meeting between the humanitarian community, refugee leadership and Thai authorities will take place at 15:00 Thursday 28 August.