Farmers under Bhumibol Dam suffers flood

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NAKHON SAWAN, 1 February 2012 (NNT) –Several farms at the foot of the Bhumibol Dam in Nakhon Sawan have been inundated by the water released from the Dam as the government is preparing for possible flood.

Agricultural crops around the Ping River in Muang district of Nakhon Sawan have been damaged by the inundation. Locals said the water, released from the dam, has been increasing rapidly until it overflowed the fields.

According to one of the farmers, the water during the drought period is at the highest level this year. If the water is to be released from the Bhumibol Dam earlier than usual, residents ask authorities to also release water from the Chai Nat Dam so that the area in the middle will not be flooded.

The Bhumibol Dam director pointed out that the water in the dam has been released 24 hours a day to prepare for the incoming rainy season. Despite farms being inundated in Nakhon Sawan, the director insists that the release does not affect people at the foot of the dam.

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