Deputy Agriculture Minister delivers Poultry to Drought hit Farmers

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BANGKOK(NNT) - A Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives visited Maha Sarakham province to deliver poultry to farmers affected by natural disasters, encouraging them to farm animals to generate income.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Praphat Phothasoothon met with local farmers in Maha Sarakham, where he delivered live poultry to farmers as breeding stock to start new poultry farms, creating another means of income during the dry season.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has introduced a recovery scheme for farmers affected by the flood disaster this year, to ensure farmers can sustain their occupation despite the consequences of natural disasters.

The scheme was introduced after the province was hit by storms and floods caused by the storms Podul and Kajiki from August to October last year, which disrupted the cultivation and harvest cycles.

4,886 farmers in Maha Sarakham who have joined this scheme opted to receive the support being offered to create their animal farms. The delivery of live poultry from the Deputy Minister of Agriculture was part of this scheme, delivering the animal as well as other farm supplies to 134 farmers in Chiang Yuen district.

The deputy minister then observed the construction site of the LMC bridge to be built as part of the Nong Wai irrigation project. It will be a concrete bridge, allowing farmers to transport their produce, while providing a water reserve for local farmers to use in the dry season.

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