Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) WHO Thailand Situation Report 214 - 17 December 2021 [EN/TH]


Situation Analysis

• The total number of ‘active’ COVID-19 cases reported today (43,479), indicates a steady decrease continues, dropping by 25% compared to one week ago. Todays number is the lowest since 27 June 2021 and is only 20% of the 214,786 active cases reported at the peak on 8 August. This represents a significant reduction in the burden of hospitals.

• The number of severe COVID-19 cases reported today (972) is only 17% of the highest number ever reported (5,626) on 16 August and also reflects a continual steady decrease.

• The number of ventilated cases reported today (254) is just 22% of the highest number (1,172) reported on 15 August, also showing an ongoing decrease.

• COVID-19 is still widespread across Thailand – with community transmission in almost every province. Daily reported cases numbers continue to come down in Southern Thailand, although ‘per capita’ infection rates and test positivity rates are still higher than most other parts of the country.

• COVID-19 vaccination rates continue to rise and are now at levels that can be expected to significantly reduce levels of severe illness and deaths caused by currently circulating COVID-19 strains. However, vaccination rates are still low in some provinces and in some important risk groups.

• The low vaccination rate in pregnant women is still a significant cause for concern. Unvaccinated pregnant women should consult with a medical practitioner to receive the best possible advice. Until they are fully vaccinated, pregnant women and their families should adhere strictly to all preventive measures.