Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) WHO Thailand Situation Report 199 - 2 September 2021 [EN/TH]



• Today, 14,956 new cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 and 262 new deaths were announced by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health. 4,841 patients are classified with serious illness, of which 1,030 are currently receiving ventilatory support.

 356 of these new cases are in prison facilities and 17 were detected in quarantine after arriving in Thailand from another country

 Cases due to transmission in the community include 12,361 cases detected through the routine surveillance system: (testing of people presenting at a healthcare facility for a variety of reasons, including presence of COVID-19 symptoms, contact with a case, concern about possible exposure) and 2,222 cases who were identified through active case finding: (testing of people in the community at the initiative of public health authorities)

 163,680 cases are receiving treatment (active cases), including 23,313 in conventional hospitals and 140,367 in field hospitals/hospitels/ home isolation.

• In the last week 15, 915 community transmission cases on average were reported per day, a 15% decrease from an average of 18,616 per day in the previous week. The last week has continued to follow the decrease in cases that was first reported last week.

 The proportion of cases reported n Bangkok relative to the rest of the country has been increasing, averaging 24.2% per day, with a high of 28% and this continues a steady increase over the last five weeks (19% 20%, 21%, 22%, 24%); chart below left.

• 256 new deaths were reported on average per day in the last week, a 4% increase from the average of 247 deaths per day in the previous week. However, the rate of increase over the last 5 weeks has been decreasing: 31%, 27%, 17%, 28%, 5%, 4%.

 The increase in deaths is in contrast with a decrease in new and active cases. It is expected that the number of deaths will decrease soon

• The last seven days has seen a continuation in the reduction in the number of active cases, averaging 174,767 cases per day compared to 195,948 in the previous week (a 11% reduction).

• The 10 provinces reporting the most laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases today are Bangkok (3,322), Samut Prakan (1,220), Chonburi (881), Samut Sakhon (733), Ayutthaya (494), Narathiwat (428), Ratchaburi (349), Nakhon Pathom (341), Rayong (340), and Saraburi (310).