Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) WHO Thailand Situation Report 198 - 26 August 2021 [EN/TH]



  • Today, 18,501 new cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 and 229 new deaths were announced by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health. 5,174 patients are classified with serious illness, of which 1,090 are currently receiving ventilatory support.

  • 139 of these new cases are in prison facilities and 12 were detected in quarantine after arriving in Thailand from another country

  • Cases due to transmission in the community include 15,944 cases detected through the routine surveillance system: (testing of people presenting at a healthcare facility for a variety of reasons, including presence of COVID-19 symptoms, contact with a case, concern about possible exposure) and 2,406 cases who were identified through active case finding: (testing of people in the community at the initiative of public health authorities)

  • 186,934 cases are receiving treatment (active cases), including 25,654 in conventional hospitals and 161,280 in field hospitals/home isolation. - In the last week 18,616 community transmission cases on average were reported per day, a 12% decrease from the average of 21,112 per day in the previous week. The rate of increase in community transmission that has been slowing for four weeks has, in the last week, changed and has shown a decrease for first time since early June.

  • The proportion of cases in Bangkok this week, 22.1%, remains in the range of 20% to 25% of all cases; though has been slowly increasing over the last four weeks (19% 20%, 21%, 22%); chart below left.

  • 247 new deaths were reported on average per day in the last week, a 5% increase from the average of 235 deaths per day in the previous week. This is further slowing down in the rate of increase over the last 5-weeks: 31%, 27%, 17%, 28%, 5%.

  • The trend in deaths tends to follow the pattern in cases (especially severe and ventilated cases) 5-7 day's later. This might mean that average deaths will decrease next week similar to the decrease in cases seen this week.

  • The last seven days has seen a continuation in the reduction in the number of active cases averaging 195,948 per day from the 209,709 of the previous week (a 7% reduction). This is the lowest number of active cases since the end of July (chart below right).

  • The 10 provinces reporting the most laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases today are Bangkok (4,178), Samut Prakan (1,887), Samut Sakhon (982), Chonburi (973), Nakhon Ratchasima (693), Nonthaburi (504), Ratchaburi (493), Rayong (472), Chachoengsao (459), and Buriram (432).