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Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) WHO Thailand Situation Report 193 - 22 July 2021 [EN/TH]

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  • Today, 13,655 new cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 and 87 new deaths were announced by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health. 3,856 patients are classified with serious illness, of which 889 are currently receiving ventilatory support.

    • 545 cases of these new cases are in prison facilities and 11 were detected in quarantine after arriving in Thailand from another country.

    • Cases due to transmission in the community include 9,254 cases detected through the routine surveillance system: (testing of people presenting at a healthcare facility for a variety of reasons, including presence of COVID-19 symptoms, contact with a case, concern about possible exposure) and 3,845 cases were identified through active case finding: (testing of people in the community at the initiative of public health authorities).

    • 137,058 cases are receiving treatment (active cases), including 78,197 in conventional hospitals and 58,861 in field hospitals.

  • In the last week 11,062 community transmission cases on average were reported per day; a 23% increase from the average of 8,980 per day in the previous week (last week 48%). While case numbers are high, the rate of increase over the last three weeks has slowed: 35%, 48%, 23%

    • Community cases in Thailand have continued to increase on a daily basis over the last week, and continue to be more than double the daily count of one month ago. In Bangkok cases remain stable but high at almost 2,500 per day in the last week.
  • Over the past week, 95 new deaths were reported on average per day: a 17% increase from an average number of 81 deaths per day reported in the previous week. While deaths are high, the rate of increase over the last three weeks has slowed: 25%, 47%, 17%

  • The last seven days also saw a daily increase in active cases.

    • COVID-19 is increasing across Thailand. Daily case numbers remain high in Bangkok but the proportion in Bangkok has reduced to an average proportion of 22.5% of all cases in Thailand in the last week. On average more than three-quarters of daily cases are reported in the rest of Thailand.
  • The 10 provinces reporting the most laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases today are Bangkok (2,893), Samut Sakon (965), Samut Prakan (895), Chonburi (620), Nonthaburi (416), Pathum Thani (365), Nakhon Ratchasima (293) Pattani (289), Supanburi (274) and Rayong (261).