The Border Consortium E-Letter: Issue 22, November 2013

from The Border Consortium
Published on 29 Nov 2013 View Original

Ration Changes Implemented

TBC has implemented new needs-based rations levels in the camps along the Thailand/Myanmar border. These changes and the parallel border-wide implementation of our Community Managed Targeting (CMT) initiative was rolled out successfully at the end of November with the widespread cooperation and participation of camp residents and community leaders.

Necessitated by cuts to funding for humanitarian aid, TBC sought to avoid a blanket cut to rations by introducing 4 rations levels, including Most Vulnerable, Vulnerable, Standard, and Self-Reliant, while simultaneously ensuring that there were no cuts to children’s rations and that the most vulnerable families receive extra assistance.

At the same time, CMT and ration changes recognize that some households have been successful in developing coping strategies and are able to provide for their families without additional assistance. The ration changes also reflect TBC’s focus on Preparedness, encouraging refugees to develop alternative means to supplement their rations while developing skills and experiences that will help them prepare for a future outside the camps.

TBC engaged in an extensive camp-based communications and outreach campaign in advance of the introduction of ration changes. Campaign teams in the camps held public forums, consulted with community and faith leaders, and went door-to-door in the camps to make sure that refugees were aware of the changes and had time to prepare. As a result of this outreach, the changes were implemented smoothly, with community members frequently noting that while they were concerned about the implications of the ration reductions, they nonetheless appreciated TBC’s efforts to inform them and give them an opportunity to prepare.

TBC is continuing to work with the camp communities to refine the CMT criteria, evaluate appeals, and respond to community feedback and concerns in the coming months.