300 more homes flooded in Nakhon Phanom

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NAKHON PHANOM: Flooding is becoming more extensive in this northeastern province with the most recent victims being about 300 households in tambon Hadpaeng of Si Songkham district, inundated after the Songkham River broke its banks.

People in Ban Hadpaeng were forced to move their belongings upstairs and now travel by boat, with the flood water almost one metre deep - the worst flooding in the village in 20 years.

The Si Songkham river overflowed after receiving water from Sakon Nakhon province. With the level of the Mekong River also continuing to rise, the water cannot be readily drained off, causing flooding.

The situation could worsen. The Mekong River was only about 40 centimetres short of its critical level of 12.6 metres. Communities along the Mekong River have already been flooded.

A one-kilometre section of the main road linking Si Songkham district with Ban Phaeng district was also flooded and impassible to motorcycles and small cars. Highway officials were deployed to direct traffic, and six-wheel trucks provided to take motorcycles through the flooded stretch.

Residents and local officials have been put on a 24-hour alert.

Due to the rising water in the Mekong River, two other key rivers in the province, the Lam Nam Un and the Lam Nam Kam, have also overflowed their banks.

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