WFP Tajikistan Country Brief, September 2018

Situation Report
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Operational Updates

• WFP conducted a Country Strategic Plan (CSP) Design Workshop with the participation of all staff on 25-28 of September. The draft concept note of the five-year Country Strategic Plan (CSP) 2019-2024 will be presented at a high-level second consultation meeting on October 9. The CSP will support Tajikistan’s efforts to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030.

• The Food Assistance for Assets projects in eight districts of Sughd and Balkhi district of Khatlon region continue to be implemented as planned. The SCOPE/Conditional on Demand Assistance (CODA) implementation , an application to register and manage the assistance for children affected by acute malnutrition. for current and future Food Assistance for Assets projects with cash-based transfer (CBT) modality is planned for October 2018.

• The gender expert visited all four regions of Tajikistan and interviewed more than 250 people - women and men of different age groups for a gender analysis in the context of food security and nutrition. The findings will be incorporated in the development of the next Country Strategic Plan.

• WFP took part in the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Structured Dialogue with Eastern Europe and Central Asia on 11-14 September. The Dialogue offered an important platform to facilitate exchanges of information, experiences, and challenges that need to be tackled to make progress on the sphere of climate change in the region.

• WFP in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization is taking preparatory steps for the celebration of the World Food Day 2018 to be held on October 16.