Tajikistan Weekly Market Situation Update Week of 18 - 22 May 2020

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• Staple food commodities were available in most monitored markets during the reporting week, though the variety and quantity of vegetables and fruits are reportedly limited. Observations include:

  1. Due to increasing cases of COVID-19, only central markets are open, and they operate on half-capacity to provide access to staple food for the population.

  2. In three of the five monitored markets, to cover increased wheat flour prices, bakeries are reducing the supply and the size of regular bread and naan (locally made bread) without changing original prices.

  3. Sale on credit is increasingly limited - in a small number of cases, retailers are selling food on credit to close friends and relatives only, while not accepting this for the general population due to the deteriorating economic situation.

  4. In Sughd market, dry fruit stalls are fully closed yet fresh fruits are available.

• Prices remained high in comparison with April 2019, though this week’s prices were the same or slightly lower against monthly averages of April 2020.