Tajikistan: REACT News Bulletin No. 5, 23 Sep - 07 Oct 2009


At a glance

- Health centers in need of rehabilitation

- Humanitarian reporter visits disaster zones

- 2.5 million children being immunized against measles and rubella

- 12 schools seismically retrofitted in GBAO

- Preventing floods in Pyandj

- $ 100,000 for housing in Khuroson

Current issues

Health centers in need of rehabilitation

The spring mudflows in Khuroson district south of Dushanbe inflicted serious damage to Uyali hospital, the district health center servicing 23,000 people. The tuberculosis ward was totally flooded with 1.5 meters of mud, as were auxiliary facilities, such as the kitchen and the heating unit. The hospital can now admit only 40 patients, against 90 before. The courtyard and other lightly affected parts of the hospital were cleaned by hospital staff and the community, and some minor repairs were done. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Commission provided medical kits immediately after the disaster.

Due to a lack of funds, major rehabilitation works have not been conducted. Essential medical services and supplies are no longer available, and many patients have to be sent to the central hospital of Jomi.

On the border with Afghanistan, the health facility of the town of Pyandj was destroyed by a mudflow, and has not been rehabilitated. The center is no longer functioning, and people need to seek medical care many kilometers away.

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