Tajikistan: REACT News Bulletin No. 10, 02 - 16 Dec 2009

Situation Report
Originally published


At a glance

- H1N1 update

- Search and Rescue equipment for CoES

- 25 villages of Zeravshan reduce disaster risk

- Donation of medicines worth $6.6 million

- $ 13.5 million for fast.-track education

- Rapid Response Team re-launched

Current Issues

H1N1 update

Both H1N1 and seasonal flu have been identified in Tajikistan in recent weeks. About 50% of influenza patients tested in Dushanbe were found to have H1N1.

During the next several months, health and hygiene promotion and home-based care will be stepped up so as to limit the spread of the flu and the impact on the health system. Hospital preparedness efforts and inter-sector coordination are being continued.

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