Tajikistan Market Situation Update, No. 40 (August 8-14, 2022)



  1. Compared to the last week, the prices of most monitored food commodities remained stable in the reporting period, except for increase in carrots by 10-33% in 5 markets.

  2. Prices of commodities such as potatoes, onions and cabbages have continued to decline in the current week due to on-going harvest leading to greater availability of these food commodities in markets.

  3. Compared to average retail prices of July 2022, prices of most food commodities remained stable except for onions and carrots, which increased by 11% and 9% respectively. Prices of potatoes and cabbage decreased compared to the last month by 15% and 7% respectively.

  4. Compared to the last week, petrol prices decreased in Bokhtar, Isfara, Jayhun, Kulob, Kushoniyon and Qubodiyon markets by 1-2%. While diesel prices increased in Ishkoshim, Istaravshan, Kulob, Panjakent and Qubodiyon markets by 1-4% and decreased in Dushanbe, Isfara, Jayhun and Khorog markets by 1-6%.

  5. The skilled and unskilled wage labour rates have stabilized in Hisor, Ishkoshim and Panjakent markets after seeing some decrease and the skilled wage rates in Khujand market after some increase last two weeks. The wage rates went down because of increasing number of labourers and decreasing job offers in Hisor, Ishkoshim and Panjakent markets and in Khujand market on the contrary.