Tajikistan Market Situation Update # 4 (25-29 January 2021)

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• Staple food commodities were available in all monitored food markets during the reporting period.

• Skilled workers in Gharm market remain without jobs, as construction works requiring skilled labour were put on hold, due to cold weather in the region.

• Food prices remained high during the reporting week. Compared to December 2019, some food commodities’ prices increased in all monitored markets during 2020 of the same month, such as vegetable and cotton oils (21-71 percent), onion (2-63 percent), potatoes (21-51 percent), haricot beans(6-141 percent), sugar (19-29 percent), eggs (16-30 percent), and bread (33-108 percent). The reason of price inflation for these commodities are due to seasonality, depreciation of Tajik somoni against USD and increased cost for imported commodities purchased from the exporting countries such as Kazakhstan and Russia