Tajikistan Market Situation Update #36 (20 September - 24 September 2021)

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  • Compared to the week before, prices of several monitored food commodities in the current reporting period saw small increase(1%) in a few markets across the country. Overall average price of Wheat flour, which is the main staple food for the majority of the population has been steadily increasing since August. Onion price increased significantly in Bokhtar and Kulob markets. The prices of cotton oil and chick peas increased in four out of the nine monitored markets. These small price increases have been attributed to seasonal and temporary fluctuations owing to changes in supply and demand conditions.

  • Compared to the overall average prices of last month, the prices in the current reporting period saw some fluctuations depending on the commodity. Onion prices are still high compared to last month but in par with the average price over the past 12 months. Carrot price continues to plummet across all monitored markets and is now down by 40 percent compared to last month due to incresed production. Other commodities with slightly increased prices compared to last month are wheat flour, vegetable and cotton oil, meat and chick peas.

  • No changes have been observed in the skilled and unskilled daily wage labour markets compared to last week or last month.

  • Prices of petrol and diesel have stabilized over the last few weeks. Prices of both petrol and diesel decreased by 1 percent overall in the current reporting period compared to the week before. The gas stations that were closed last month in places like Dushanbe, Khujand and Isfara due to fuel unavailability have started to open.