Tajikistan Market Situation Update #31 (9-13 August, 2021)



  • In the nine market that were assessed across Tajikistan, the monitored food items were found to be generally available. The markets were open and accessible to customers.

  • Compared to the previous week, the average prices of most monitored food items remained stable in majority of markets in the current reporting period. However, prices of onions and potatoes increased by 31 percent and 20 percent respectively in Dushanbe market. Potato price also increased in Murghob market of GBAO region by 17 percent compared to last week. The main reason given by traders was reduction in supply of these commodities in these markets. Wheat price was also found to have slightly increased mainly in 5 of the 9 monitored markets by 2 to 10 percent.

  • Compared to last week, the prices of carrot and cabbage dropped significantly in most of the monitored markets in the current reporting period. Carrot price decreased by 6 to 38 percent while cabbage prices saw a drop in the range of 8 to 33 percent.

  • Compared to July average prices, the price of onion increased in most monitored markets in the current reporting period owing to decreased supply. Onion price increase was highest in Dushanbe market (62%) followed by Khorog (35%). Potato prices also increased appreciably in some markets compared to last month including Dushanbe, Khorog, Kulob and Murghob.

  • In the current reporting period, the price of petrol and diesel increased slightly in most markets compared to last week. Compared to July, prices of petrol and diesel increased in all monitored markets in the current reporting period in the range of 1 to 11 percent with the biggest increase seen in Murghob market.