Tajikistan Market Situation Update #26 (28 June- 2 July 2021)

Situation Report
Originally published



• Staple food commodities were available in all monitored food markets during the reporting period.

• Compared to previous week, the prices of most monitored food commodities remained stable during the reporting period, except for increases in carrots by 5-44 percent.

• Compared to last month, the prices of commodities such as potatoes and onions have declined in the current week due to on-going harvest leading to greater availability of these food commodities in the main markets except carrots, which still stays high compared to last month.
Similarly, the prices of eggs and milk have either decreased or have stayed the same compared to last month.

• Compared to last week, the prices of petrol remained stable while diesel price was found to have increased by 3-12 percent in most of the monitored markets.