Tajikistan: Japan supports Grass-Root Projects in Khatlon Region

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On 30th March 2011, Mr. Takuya TAMAI, Third Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Tajikistan will attend two handover ceremonies in Kurgantube city and Panj district for two grass-root projects. Mr. Sharifkhon SAMIEV, Chairperson of Kurgantube city and Mr. Umar YOROV, Director of Kurgantube Social Rehabilitation Center of the Tajikistan Blind Society, will attend the handover ceremony at Kurgantube Social Rehabilitation Center. Mr. Abdujon TAVAKALOV, Acting Chairperson of Panj district will attend the handover ceremony at the secondary school No.24 in Tojiksoi village, Namuna jamoat of Panj district. The total amount of the two projects is US$ 169,737.

The Government of Japan allocated US$74,312 for "The Project for Self-Support Promotion of Visually Impaired Persons in Kurgantube" in the frame of Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects (GGP).

Since the establishment in 1957, the Kurgantube Social Rehabilitation Center has contributed to social welfare among visually impaired persons in Kurgantube area through various supports such as vocational training. However, the condition of the facility of the center was in inappropriate with old buildings and little equipment for vocational training.

Through the project, the building of the center has been rehabilitated and new equipment such as sewing machines, computers and generators as well as office furniture was provided. The project enabled 112 visually impaired persons in Kurgantube to receive training and to find means of income generation in the center. Consequently, visually impaired persons will be equipped with ability for self-promotion. At the same time, economic condition of 612 people of their family members will be improved.

"The Project for Reconstruction of the Flood Damaged School in Panj District" funded by the Government of Japan in the framework of GGP with the total amount of US$ 95,425 has been successfully completed.

Constructed in 1980, the secondary school No.24 was the only school in Tojiksoi village. On May 14th in 2009, a heavy mudflow caused by a huge flood washed away the school and destroyed the houses and public facilities in the village. As a result, local students in the area had to go to school in a neighboring village, which was several kilometers away from Tojiksoi village.

In order to improve the situation, the Government of Japan has assisted in construction of a new school building in a safer place which was allocated by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. In addition, school equipment such as desks and chairs was installed in the school. Through the project, 350 students from Tojiksoi village have become able to study in the newly constructed school building. Educational level will be improved by the project, as students will have access to safe and sanitary environment. Ensuring quality education for all children is the vital factor for long-term social development.

Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects (GGP) is provided to local governments, educational / medical institutions and International NGOs in developing countries. GGP supports projects in the human security sectors at the grassroots level. GGP has extended more than US$ 19.3 million for 267 projects in the Republic of Tajikistan since 1996.

To learn more about Japan's Official Development Assistance, visit www.mofa.go.jp/policy/oda