Tajikistan - Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), January 2013

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Overall, the food security situation was analyzed in 13 livelihood zones for September–December 2012. About 870,277 people in 12 livelihood zones is classified in Phase 3- Crisis. Another 2,381,754 people are classified in Phase 2- Stressed and 2,055,402 in Phase 1- Minimal. In general, the food security status of analyzed zones has relatively improved in the reporting months compared to the previous year thanks to increased remittances received, good rainfall and good cereal production reaching 1.2 million tons, by end 2012, by 12 percent higher than in last season. The availability of water and pasture has also increased in some parts of the country, leading to improvement in livestock productivity and value. Remittances also played a major role in many household’ livelihoods and became the main source of income to meet their daily basic needs. The inflow of remittances in 2012 peaked at more than 3.5 billion USD, surpassing the 2011 record of 3.0 billion USD and accounting for almost half of the country’s GDP.