Tajikistan: FOCUS completes rehabilitation of earthquake-devastated kindergarten in Qumsangir

Following the devastating earthquakes in Qumsangir, southern Tajikistan in July 2006, in which many homes and community buildings were seriously damaged, FOCUS provided humanitarian support through the provision of immediate relief. Immediate recovery efforts by the Government primarily focused on the reconstruction of homes. Following an assessment in summer of 2007 with the Government of Tajikistan and the District Government of Qumsangir, FOCUS spearheaded a long-term rehabilitation project of the Firuza Kindergarten, which had been badly damaged by the earthquake. In May 2008, FOCUS completed the rehabilitation project and handed the Firuza Kindergarten over to the Government of Qumsangir at a ceremony in the presence of local authority officials, including the Deputy Chairman of Construction Affairs of Qumsangir, the Director of the Department of Education and the Senior Architect of Qumsangir.

The project, marked a significant investment towards enhancing social assets of the local community. The kindergarten is expected to provide access to pre-school education to more than 120 students, teachers and staff, who will once again continue their endeavours in education.