Tajikistan: Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 2

Situation Report
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Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2005/0117

OCHA Situation Report No. 2
Tajikistan - Floods

The following information has been provided by the UN Disaster Risk Management Project in Tajikistan and by the Tajik Disaster Risk Management Partnership, REACT.


1. Extraordinary snowfall in February, unusually high temperatures in June and July combined with heavy rains, have triggered floods and mudflows, as described in OCHA's previous Situation Report issued on 15 July 2005.

2. UN Disaster Risk Management Project has collected and consolidated information on the affected areas. The main affected areas include Penjikent District of Sughd Oblast, Hamadoni and Farkhor Districts of Khatlon Oblast, Ishkashim, Murghab, Roshtkalla, Vanj, Shugnan District of GBAO and Nurobod and Tavildara Districts of Rasht Valley. For a consolidated map of the situation please visit: www.untj.org/files/minutes/REACT/Disaster_map_june-july_2005.jpg

Requirements and Response:

3. As previously outlined, the Government of Tajikistan has requested assistance from the UN system and the international community to address unmet humanitarian needs.

4. According to the Ministry of Emergencies the water level has receded and reinforcement of riverbanks is in progress. No additional population has been evacuated since yesterday.

5. According to the assessment undertaken by the Ministry of Health and Pharmacists Sans Frontiers there is no need for additional medical assistance in Hamadoni District for the time being; medical points were opened and Pharmacists Sans Frontiers, UNICEF, and Ministry of Health have provided medicines, sufficient for the next 2 months.

6. Immediate needs identified during the joint Ministry of Health and Pharmacists Sans Frontiers assessment include safe water supply for the relocated population and portable latrines. Large water tankers are required to transport water to the camps. Poor cooking conditions are also reported in all temporary shelters. The full report is available on www.untj.org website.

UN Country Team Support

7. In addition to the above-mentioned activities, 4,000 litres of fuel and spare parts have been purchased by UN DRMP to support logistics. Fuel has been dispatched to the area and spare parts will be delivered on 20 July. However, there is still a need for spare parts, fuel and tires.

8. This Situation Report and information on ongoing emergencies is also available on the OCHA Internet Website at http://www.reliefweb.int.

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