Tajikistan: Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 1

Situation Report
Originally published
Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2005/0110

OCHA Situation Report No. 1
Tajikistan - Floods

The following information has been provided by the UN Disaster Risk Management Project in Tajikistan and by the Tajik Disaster Risk Management Partnership, REACT.


1. The rapid rise in temperature and heavy rains of the past 2 months have caused the water level to increase in main rivers of the country, which has resulted in numerous floods and mudflows affecting the infrastructure and livelihoods of Penjikent District of Sughd Oblast, Hamadoni and Farkhor Districts of Khatlon Oblast, Ishkashim, Murghab, Roshtkalla, Vanj, Shugnan District of GBAO and Nurobod and Tavildara Districts of Rasht Valley.

2. UN Disaster Risk Management Project conducted an assessment mission on 12 July 2005, and observed in one location in Hamadoni district the enormous strength of the devastating flooding. Within the flooded regions, numerous villages are isolated from each other as bridges have been washed away. The water level is not likely to decrease until 20 July, according to meteorologists, as the heat will continue to melt the unusual amount of snow.

Requirements and Response:

3. The Government of Tajikistan has requested assistance from the UN system and the international community to address the multiple impacts of the disaster. Based on REACT, the disaster coordination partnership set up under the leadership of OCHA, the Ministry of Emergencies has led the Government's response on the ground.

4. Affected populations have been relocated and set up in temporary camps; their needs have been tended to by and large by the Government and by the international community.

5. For the past three weeks ministerial staff is working on stemming the waters to prevent further flooding, only partly successfully. Heavy machinery (90 pieces) has been mobilized, but much of it is not operative due to lack of fuel and spare parts. Rocks are being brought to the flooded areas from a distance of 55 km.

6. The immediate needs of the Government include collecting and compiling information, assessments of the situation in the country, transportation, diesel, lubricants, tires and spare parts for heavy machinery and iron wire. For preparedness of coming flooding there is a need for food, tents, clothes, blankets, mattresses, and medication.

7. Aside from other requirements there is also an urgent need to provide response support, above all on fuel, tents, mattresses, tyres, wire, and spare parts, but also to logistics and transport.

8. The Government arranged an assessment mission to affected areas in Hamadoni district on 14 July 2005.The flooding is still ongoing and the level of the water has not yet receded. The Government is struggling to prevent further flooding and the heavy machinery mobilized by the state are working in two locations in the district: Turdiev jamoat and Chubek locality. The work is being hampered by lack of fuel, lubricants, and spare parts.

UN Country Team Support

9. In close cooperation with the Government, including UNDP staff working within the Ministry of Emergencies, the UNCT and the UN-led REACT team immediately triggered its response, providing medication, equipment and the UN Disaster Risk Management Project to support the collection and dissemination of information. Information can also be found on the United Nations Coordination Unit in Tajikistan's website: www.untj.org

10. The UNCT will facilitate the provision of emergency supplies, coordinating national and international efforts and complementing provisions where necessary.

11. This Situation Report and information on ongoing emergencies is also available on the OCHA Internet Website at http://www.reliefweb.int.

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