Tajikistan: Floods Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF n° MDRTJ027

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Heavy and prolonged rains on 16-21 May caused floods in the southern part of Tajikistan affecting 9 villages in 2 districts of Khatlon Province. According to the results of the rapid assessment conducted by the Government Emergency Response Commission and the Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense under the Government of Tajikistan (CoES) between 17 and 26 May, at least 6 people were killed, 1,145 households (5,725 people) were heavily affected, infrastructure objects were damaged or destroyed in Farkhor and Panj districts of Khatlon Province.

In Bokhtar region of Khatlon Province, in Chorbog, Pakhtadasht, Ittifoq and Mashal jamoats of Vakhsh districts 6 households’ land plots (around 30 people) were flooded and people lost their harvest.

In Sughd Province around 3 ha of arable lands, 800 m of village internal roads and 10 ha of land plots in Ruzi obnok village of Penjikent and 51 km of motorway and irrigation channel were destroyed damaging 300 m of pipes. The main road connecting Kurgoncha village of Jabbor Rasulov district with the district centre town was blocked. A pedestrian bridge constructed under the RCST “Transborder” programme in that village was destroyed.

Floods and mudflows in the Province caused 8 causalities, mainly due to population's negligence.

Farkhor district

According to the assessment reports, 168 households (840 people) have been affected in the district. In total, 6 houses are completely destroyed and another 11 houses are partly destroyed and unusable. Furthermore, 151 houses have been mudded and inhabitants lost their belongings. Auxiliary buildings and land plots have also been damaged in Surkhob, Vahdat and Nurmat Safarov villages, Ghalaba jamoat of Farkhor district.

Panj district

A total of 977 households (4,885 people) have been affected in the district with 20 houses completely destroyed, 8 houses partly destroyed and another 949 houses, auxiliary buildings and land plots mudded and damaged in Kommunizm, Peshqadam, Namuna, Selgah, Kabud Saifiddinov, Otchopar villages in Ozodagon jamoat of Panj district.