Tajikistan floods and mudflows REACT appeal

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Tajikistan Humanitarian Partnership - Rapid Emergency Assessment and Coordination Team (REACT(1)) is appealing for $1,456,894 to support the Government of Tajikistan in its efforts to address humanitarian needs of some 12,000 individuals that have been severely affected by floods and mud flows during spring 2009. This appeal was developed in partnership with government of Tajikistan through collaborative effort and based on consolidated evidence assembled through sectoral and individual agency field assessments, government reports as well as pre-existing baseline data.

During the months of April and May 2000, abnormally heavy rainfall led to severe flooding and mudflows in many parts of Tajikistan, including the capital city, resulting in the loss of lives, displacement, destruction of key transport and social infrastructure, residential housing, loss of crops and livestock throughout the country. On May 18th in a letter to the United Nations, the government has appealed for international assistance referring to difficulties in responding to multiple episodes of flooding, lack of adequate resources to respond to humanitarian needs and rehabilitate the affected communities due to the economic crises and falling budget revenues.

Many of the affected areas, especially rural, were vulnerable even before the floods and mudflows destroyed their livelihoods due to cumulative impact of previous years draughts, cold winter and energy crises combined with high poverty rates. Targeted humanitarian assistance will be provided during the next six months from June 1st till November 31st 2009 while concerted efforts will be made to mobilize funding for longer-term programmes to address the large-scale rehabilitation needs emanating from this disaster. These longer term plans will be consolidated by REACT partners within one month period following this appeal. Constant monitoring will be undertaken to ensure that the appeal remains pertinent, and that relevant and timely adjustments to the current response strategy are made.

This proposed relief programme will target some 12,000 vulnerable and displaced individuals, who have been directly affected by the floods. This is in addition to resources which are being mobilized for the food security and nutrition sector through revision of the "Humanitarian Food Security Appeal", Red Cross Movement Appeal or bilaterally. Humanitarian operations will be conducted in the context of:

- Support to the displaced populations in the camps, designated relocation areas, and other locations where affected families have not yet been identified;

- Support to the collective needs of the entire population in the affected areas;

- Preparations for new flood and mudflow risk in the same or new regions during the next three months;

- Preparations for recovery and rehabilitation activities along with humanitarian interventions in order to rebuild the resilience of the affected communities to future shocks.

The overall coordination of this humanitarian programme will be ensured through REACT system. REACT is Tajikistan's Disaster Management Partner. All REACT partners are divided into sectoral groups which facilitate the response to the current emergency and cover five areas: 1) Food security; 2) NFIs including shelter; 3) Health; 4) Water and sanitation; and, 5) Education. A Rapid Response Coordination Team was used to organize the work of sectoral groups for preparation of the REACT Appeal. The same structure will be used to assist the Resident Coordinator in the coordination of activities included in the appeal.